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can we talk about the gossip girl summary on netflix

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do u ever get really sad cuz amy pond is a beautifully complex, unique and multilayered character but fandom reduces her to a couple of traits and disregards everything else about her because they hate the person writing the show



If a wizard watched Doctor Who and the Weeping Angels became their worst fear then they came across a Boggart and it changed into an Angel, and since whatever takes the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel, would that bring Angels into existence in the Harry Potter universe?

Okay this fucked with me majorly

Off to see the universe…

Anywhere in time and space


You said you’d find my baby. You said you’d find Melody. Have you found her? Because you promised. [x]

GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  doctorwhee vs. mqstique
↪ one companion death/leaving


Doctor Who Fest: Day #1

↳ Who is your favourite companion? Rose Tyler.

Life returns