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There’s a story few know. It’s one of a wolf and a warrior, a memory and a past, and an impossibility that shook the universe. It’s the story that puzzles the world but the one that we survived.

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Robot in Sherwood.

'You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it's from years before you knew them. It's like they're not quite finished; they're not done yet'.


The Adventures of Tsundere!12 [Vol.3 preview]
(in collaboration with lotuskasumi)

Why do you have to break mine’, I asked the Doctor. He frowned and said, 'Because Amy read it in a book and now I have no choice.'


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for vulkhan

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Clara, please- hey for me, help him…and don’t be afraid…goodbye, Clara. Miss ya.

Please, just… just see me.